Selecting A Troop to Join

Things to Consider

When Selecting a Boy Scout Troop

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The following information and thoughts were prepared by a past Cub Scout father and son when choosing Troop 270:

Each Webelos Scout and parents are free to visit other troops, and can choose to join any Troop that suits them.  I encourage each parent to let their Webelos Scout make his own choice, with parental guidance.  This is a good time for parents to let their son call the shots - as long as the place and schedule work with the parents. 

Remember that you can always change Troops if it doesn't work out.  The boys will likely have more fun in Boy Scouting than they did in Cub Scouting due to the increased freedom and responsibility, and due to the greater opportunities to do fun and exciting activities, camping trips, etc.. 

The list of considerations that Mark and I just made are as follows.  I encourage you to consider the strength of  each Troop for each item, and how each factor might work with your son's personality and style: 

I truly hope that each Cobra Webelos Scout joints a Boy Scout Troop - and am confident that they will each be glad that they did.  Boy Scouting is a much different experience than is Cub Scouting, and each boy should at least try it for a year to see if they like it.

Questions on Joining a Boy Scout Troop, borrowed from

Choosing the right Boy Scout troop for you is an individual decision. Troops vary in their focus and the personalities in each troop differ. You need to think about what will make scouting a fun, rewarding experience for you and then find a troop that appears to best fulfill your needs.

If you're a Webelos scout, having completed five years of Cub Scouts, you may feel that you've experienced all there is in the program. But Boy Scouts is a very different program full of new experiences. Make a commitment to try it for a year to observe the differences and then decide if you want to continue on or not.

A boy needs to visit at least one troop meeting before joining Boy Scouts. You really should visit several troops to learn the uniqueness of each. Select a troop that fits the needs of your family.

When you visit troops, try to get answers to these important questions to help you decide on a home troop:

Some additional questions to ask: